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Thursday, July 18, 2013

10 Years, Are You Kidding Me // Invitation Design

I've been graduated from high school a whole 10 years? I still don't believe it.

Why can I so clearly remember playing volleyball with all my close friends? Why can I still remember the table we always sat at in the cafeteria? Why does the song "Remix to Ignition" immediately pop in my head? Why can I remember that my biggest care was what I was going to wear to the Friday night basketball game? Why can I still remember the smell of that Chicken Fried Steak? Why can I still remember my locker number and combination - wait, that was a stretch...

The weird thing is that 80% of people that I talk to said they hated high school. Seriously? I just don't get it. You were around all of your closest friends everyday. You had no bills. You rarely had to pay for food. I played any sport my heart desired. If I could go back and sit in Mr. Wallace's art class - I'd be there in a heartbeat. Seriously, then this? The REAL world. But, I'm gonna throw this out there - not having a curfew IS pretty sweet, well, and a cell phone! The only thing I knew about texting was that my mom would get mad at me for sending 15 cent text. Well, that was until she blocked it. And look at me now...UNLIMITED. Whit-dogg knows the day I finally got unlimited. It was a grand day.

Sooo - BIG news. My reunion is coming up. Holy Crap. I designed the invite. It was hard to pack all of the awesome-ness that was about to go down in one tiny invite. I'm looking forward to it. Yea, that's right - I'm looking FORWARD to my 10 year reunion. Go Tigers!!

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