The Turquoise Penguin

Friday, October 19, 2012

School Spirit Burlap Football

Do I love football? Yes.
Do I look crafting? Yes.
Do I love Purdue Boilermaker Football? Yes.

Well, crap - let's make a burlap wreath. That's not exactly how it went down - but close enough!

I was originally inspired by Amanda's tutorial from My Heart's Desire that I discovered from yes, you guessed it - Pinterest. (Insert shameless plug here -----> Follow Me!! )

When my friends, Krystal & Jenna, decided to get together for a crafting Sunday - I thought it was only fitting that 3 ladies who love football make some pretties for their doors!

I was unsure if it was going to come out as a WIN or FAIL - so I have very little pictures documenting the process. So bare with me and feel free to ask as many questions as your big heart desires!

Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Acrylic Paint
Tulip Puff Paint (for the "stitching")
Plastic grocery sacks (aren't we all looking for another use for them besides trash can liners?!?)
Burlap - I actually realized that there are many different shades of "brown" - if I could do it over again - I would've gotten the darker brown for a more football-like tone.

Yes, I'm not kidding you - that's it.

Step ONE ::
Draw the shape you would like your football to be on posterboard to use as a template

Step TWO::
Place the template down on your burlap and use a sharpie to draw around the edges (Amanda used chalk - I just had a sharpie on hand) and cut out your shape. Make sure your burlap is folded to get your "front" and "back" of the football. Also, make sure to mark the "pairs" of the burlap if you are doing multiples. This will help when you go to put the footballs' together.

Step THREE::
Brainstorm what you want your football to be and lightly sketch your design on the football. Then break out your paints and get fancy! I used acrylic paint that I had lying around. Also - make sure to put wax paper underneath because the paint WILL bleed through the burlap. Newspaper would NOT be a good idea. Then let your paint dry.

Step FOUR::
On the burlap football "back" hot glue where you would like your ribbon hanger to be ON THE INSIDE. I'm sure it would look okay glued to the back - but I think it looks so much cleaner glued to the inside of the football.

Step FIVE::
Lay the painted side face up on top of the "back" of the football. Then start glueing the inside together. You want to make a pocket to fill up with the grocery sacks. Once you get about 3/4 of the way done with your hot gluing process STOP (in the name of love - oh wait...) and fill up your pocket with about 10 or so grocery sacks. The more poofy you'd like it to be...add more sacks. Hot glue the opening and any spots you might have missed so it starts to look like a real football! Isn't it exciting!?

Step SIX:
Use your puffy paint to draw fake "stitching" along the outside of the football. Let Dry.

Use your fancy ribbons to fancify your hanging ribbon and wham, bam, thank you ma'am - you're ready to hang!!

I didn't take a picture of the football hanging on my door because I have yet to buy a wreath hanger - but don't worry - it's on the shopping list. For now, I am enjoying it hanging on the wall in my apartment! Happy Friday, friends!! Boiler Up!!