The Turquoise Penguin

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Many of you that personally know me - you know that I have an obsession (addiction - whatever you want to call it) with Instagram. So, this post goes out to you. The ones that I cut off mid-sentence and say, "Hold on, I need to Instagram this." To those that I stick the camera in their face. To those that I tell them, "Don't eat your food yet, I need to Instagram this first." To those that see me with my phone up while driving - it's okay, I'm not taking a picture of you, I'm just really trying to get the last sliver of sunset. To those that watch me while I photograph a lawn gnome on my front porch-no, I'm not crazy. And finally, to the babies in my life, for being the best, most cutest subjects that I have to Instagram.

Without further ado, welcome to the last month and a half of my whereabouts.

Emma Lou. The gal with the prettiest eyes & smile I've ever set eyes on.

My best friend, Brooke and her precious boy, J.P. What I love most about this picture is her smile. That's a new, proud, a little tired, happy mother smile. And she's a damn good one, at that.
My Christmas tree. It may not be the biggest, baddest or even have a tree skirt. But, I sure to love watching tv with that purty thing lit up beside me.
If they made pj's like this in adult size. I would own them.
Sushi. On a tree.
About 5 hours into the Baking & Boozing Extravaganza with some pretty rad ladies. 
I love decorating Christmas cookies. I don't love decorating about 10 dozen.
Don't look at the cookies. They're naked.
Many people thought I really liked Dorothy. But, I just really liked that they added a bit of red to my outfit. #christmasspirit
Emma Lou. Being a beauty. See, I told you she had a pretty smile.
My sister-in-law and I the day after Thanksgiving. At a bar. In matching ECI fleeces. Having a blast.
What you gnome about that? Hands down, my favorite ornament on my whole tree.
Gran schooling us in (insert name of game that I forgot).
My little friend on my desk at work. Too much works makes for a shy gnome.
Arrington Vineyards. Mom. Granny. Grandpa. Me. And a bottle of really great wine (that has a name I cannot pronounce).
Granny and Grandpa before the show at Chaffin Dinner theatre. One of the greatest couples I know!
Not gonna lie - those snowflakes on the right had vanilla frosting AND cream in the middle. #winning. Hence why they were the first to go. Thank you, Dunkin Donuts!
J.P. shows me all of his faces. How can you not like all of them!?
Rainy day lunch break. Guess where at?
My highschool best friend took me to see Straight No Chaser at the Ryman. The only thing I actually like about IU.
Friendsgiving. And the choices. Not to mention a pretty big ham in the upper left corner.
When your oven doesn't work. Make no-bake cookies.
Someone had a rough night.
See that guy in the middle. He belted it out so great - he gave me goosebumps.
Me and my favorite lady cousins on Thanksgiving. Man, do I love them. Well, all but Nicole. I just like her a lot.

I sure do have a lot to be Thankful for. It's obvious. 

Thank you Instagram. You give me beautiful memories.