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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Va-Va Voom for the Groom!

Before I get to the wedding invitations - I thought it was appropriate to show Lauren's Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette Party invitation first. My main inspiration for her invitations were Sex & The City meets Pin Up Girl. And Voila!!

I don't know about you guys but after seeing this invitation again, I'm ready for another Bachelorette party!


Final Fling Before The Ring!

Okay, so this post is wayyyy over due. My best friend, Renee told me that she added my blog to her Google reader and well basically since she's did that - she has got nothin! Sorry, Renee. This is for you.

Today my topic of choice is going to be Bachelorette Parties. Especially since I have been going to about a million lately. Okay, not a million - but you get the point.

Meet Lauren. She's my best friend in the entire world. I was her MOH for her wedding last October. Her and I randomly met at Purdue as random roommates. We honestly did not care for the other at first...but a few months into college, it was hard to find one without the other. THEN we joined DZ together. So we got to live together for 4 years. I miss her dearly!

This is her at her bachelorette party that we held at a friends house in Chicago. But, first thing is first - check out those awesome sugar cookies she's holding! I made those in Nashville and they made it in one piece to Chicago with me. You should've saw the looks I got while walking threw O'hare holding a pan of "bra & panty" sugar cookies. Most people figured out that it was for a bachelorette party. As for the rest - well, they just thought I was weird.

To make these I used a Wilton heart cookie cutter, Betty Crocker Sugar cookie recipe, my mom's buttercream recipe, and wilton food coloring/bags/tips. They were a ball to make. I tried to make as many bra & panty "sets" as possible. I'm sorry I didn't take any "in the process" pictures. The bachelorette party was actually my "pre-blog" days. 

My favorite thing of the party was actually the "Panty Line." I randomly found this poem on the internet a while back (and by a while, it's at least been a few years - I started preparing for Lauren's bachelorette party years in advance.)  So here is the story: (you can totally adapt as needed - just make sure it still rhymes!)

I have a secret to share
About our little bride
She is obsessed with underwear
And that I cannot hide

So for our little panty queen
I gathered up some twine
And put the panties in a row
To make a panty line.

Lauren, these undies are to last you
All throughout your life
And Brandon will be pleased to say
He has a sexy wife!

So listen up to hear about
Your lifelong panty plan
These underwear, we have no doubt
Will last your whole life span

The first are for your wedding day
Of course they are pure white
We know Brandon will shout, “Hooray!”
When he sees you on that night

The next are for your honeymoon
They’re sexy and all lace
We hope you’ll leave your hotel room
’Cause Aruba is such a gorgeous place!

On Valentine’s you’ll wear this pair
Before you hit the bed
‘Cause Cupid’s arrow in the air
Shoots tushies that are red

After a year has passed you’ll face
Anniversary number one
With these you’ll surely have a blast
’Cause zebra’s so much fun!

Then when the time is right for you
And don’t be saying, “Maybe”
You’ll wear your little pink or blue
In honor of your baby

And when your years of wedding bliss
Become the big 2-5
Don’t worry - you’ll just slip this on
To keep the sparks alive

When finally you’re old and gray
With these you can’t go wrong
’Cuz sorry Lauren but at that age
You just can’t wear a thong

Close up of all the fun panties!
  That's me reading the story to Lauren with the "panty line" hanging behind me.

Lastly, I made this for Lauren. She's a big scrap-booker and she loves senimental things, so I knew she would cherish what the girls had to say. Now, as for what we did write - we read it out loud to her after we filled in the blanks. Wine may or may not been involved.

The letter read:

It's been _____ years since we've known each other and if I remember correctly the first time we met was______________________.
We've shared so many times together, but my favorite memory of you has got to be__________________________________.
I think you and Brandon are perfect for each other because _________________________________.
If I could give you one piece of advice on marriage, it would have to be _______________________.
With Love,

I've actually used this exact same template for my friend Ashlee's bridal shower. It's a nice way for the bride to have something to remember everyone who shared in her special day.

Whew, that was a blog! Stay tuned for Lauren's wedding invitations that I designed!

Thanks for reading - Happy Hump Day!