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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's a Bay-BEE Shower!

So, since my last post was about my first Valpo friend - I guess it's only fitting that this post is about my first Nashville friend, Kathleen.

Kathleen and I met at the gym. Which ironically is funny to the both of us now since you would rarely ever see us both there at the same time (I guess I'll be honest - we're rarely ever there!). Anyways, we met around last November and pretty much gravitated towards each other. Kathleen is my creative friend. She likes to do crafts with me and doesn't mind when we are still doing them 5 hours down the road (she's got good craft endurance, it's a talent...really!). She's always there. She gives the best advice. And probably listens to me better than anyone I've ever met and believe me - I know I talk a lot! All in all...she's my great friend and just gave birth to a (bee)eautiful bay-(bee) boy (sorry, had too!), Logan! He's lovely and I can't wait to watch him grow before my eyes.

So, her friend, Sarah and I decided to throw her a bay-bee shower to welcome bay-bee Logan into the world!
The mascot of the shower.

The invitation. I think the honeycomb detail at the top was my favorite.
I printed these out and glued them to a wire. We had them poking out of the amazingly, delicious food that Sarah made. Speaking of, my mouth just started watering for her homemade baked brie. *Note to self* get that recipe!
Just in case you forgot whose bay-bee shower you were at. :)

And bingo...there is it, my cupcake stand! The cupcakes didn't come out exactly how I had planned - but sometimes you just gotta live and learn. I used a yellow peanut m&m for the body and piped on black icing stripes and antennas. Then piped white icing for the wings.

This was my gift to Kathleen. Which, I sort of think is funny because if you're a reader of the blog. I think it's the third post (she actually wrote) is about diaper cakes. So, Kathleen actually taught me how to make her diaper cake for her. Which I think is neat in it's own little way. Lastly, I want you to take a look at the bee topper! It's a piggie bank I found at TJ Maxx randomly. SCORE!

You didn't think I'd leave you hanging without showing you what precious baby Logan looks like? Brenna from Sparkling Seal Photography did an amazing job at capturing this little nugget! Personally, I think Logan is pretty dang lucky to have a mom like Kathleen. Congrats, lady friend!

Two posts in two days...someone check my temperature! Thanks for reading!!


  1. Hi, i like your ideas, I just have one question where did youorder your shower invitations? and how much was ? i'm in love with you invitation. thanks

  2. Hi Claudia - sorry I'm just now getting to you...I had no idea that you commented (so sorry!) I actually sent all of these invitations digitally and did not have them printed. Typically I get get 50 invitations to run for about $60.