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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not Your Average Bacon & Eggs

This morning I walked into the office and told my co-workers that I had made them "Bacon & Eggs" for breakfast. At first their initial reactions were a bit on the surprised side - for one, that I actually woke up early enough to make them breakfast. They know I allow exactly enough time to get myself ready & out the door in the morning (no extra time for making breakfast!). And for two - that they were actually CANDY! One lady in our office is a vegetarian. I think her reaction was the best, i.e. "you know I'm a vegetarian" look. Then she realized that they were candies and asked if she could hang it on her wall. 

Looking for a quick, cheap(er), homemade gift to hand out this holiday season? Looking for a kid-friendly recipe that is sure to get lots of laughs?

Look no further. Bacon & Eggs to the rescue.

Bacon: 2 pretzel sticks
Egg White: White chocolate bark, melted according to package, then drizzled over pretzel sticks
Egg Yolk: 1 yellow m&m

p.s. 2 big bags of plain m&m's get you about 95 to 100 plain yellow m&m's. Maybe I'll make some green eggs and ?bacon? with the rest!

Sorry for the poor quality pictures - I actually took these on my cell phone. I'm asking santa for a new Nikon5000 for Christmas. I hope I make it on his GOOD list!!

Thanks for reading!

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