The Turquoise Penguin

Meet Abby

My name is Abby Raber and I started The Turquoise Penguin in 2010 as a creative outlet for myself and a way for me to show my grandparents what I've been up to! (Gotta keep Ralph, Jean, Inez & Barry in the loop!) I decided to name her The Turquoise Penguin because, let's face it, Turquoise jewelry is my favorite & and I love a penguin in a tuxedo. So, don't worry - I will not spray paint a penguin turquoise. Speaking of spray paint, I love spray paint (see below).

L O V E S :
  1. 1st and MOST IMPORTANT - my family (insert smiley face with hearts in the eyes)
  2. Typography // Hand-Lettering
  3. Hot summer days spent on Kentucky Lake (or any lake for that matter)
  4. Craft beer
  5. Forth of July
  6. Pinterest (Worlds Greatest Time Suck)
  7. Crafting // Baking
  8. Turquoise jewelry (see above)
  9. Running (kind of)
  10. Traveling to places I've never been
  11. A Cookie Cake from Great American Cookies
  12. Spray paint
  13. The first listen to a new great song
  14. Watching a baseball game with a beer and hotdog in hand
  15. The TV show, Two Broke Girls
  16. Package design
  17. Anything DIY
  18. A fresh manicure & pedicure 
  19. Making to-do lists
  20. Crossing things off my to-do list

email me at abby.lynn.raber(at)

Shout out to Kelli Dirks of CK Photo for the awesome headshot!

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