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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Very Shanks Wedding (details)

I'm pretty sure there is a good chance that y'all might already know my best friend, Lauren.
This photo was taken during my maid on honor speech, maybe right after I mentioned the part about how she used to get dressed in the closet in Shreve. Regardless of her being shy and awkward and first - we sure did end up sisters from another mister and I wouldn't have it any other way. This chick is my best bud. We've been through a lot together, including many car problems. Who would've ever thought some six years ago watching Ice Age on that glorious purple futon that I'd wind up in Nashville and she'd be married and now living in Houston...funny how time changes things.

So, it's about time that I FINALLY got my booty around to posting some of her wedding details. First up, her save the date that was turned into a handy dandy magnet for friends & family to post up on their fridge. Is it weird that mine is still up on my fridge? Okay, it's really not...but it'd be cool if it was. :)

After her save the date's were finished we decided to make a wedding logo to tie everything together.

Lauren created stickers from the logo to place on the isle flower holders and the guests out of town bags.

Which led to her isle runner that I hand painted their logo on. *WARNING* if you're hand painting an isle runner - make sure to not have any type of paper underneath (or if you do, use wax paper). I learned the HARD way that paper (cardboard) doesn't necessarily come off the back of a thin isle runner once the wet paint dries. Whoops. Regardless, the second one that I painted turned out better than the first. You live - you learn.

From there - came the invitation.

Which we spent a lovely whole weekend scoring, cutting, cussing, laughing, enjoying some wine and scoring some more to just make a little dent into the invitations.

Then Lauren and her fabulous mother, Amy - put all of the finishing details. Amy is my second mom and one of the most kind-hearted, caring, loving women I know. Miss you, Amy!!

From there - we have programs. Which, unfortunately you can't get the full effect of the inside when I just slap my design files up here. We created four pages that were saddle stitched and put together to create a unique and lovely keepsake program. I guess I should've done a better job at snapping pictures!

I totally should've done a better job at taking pictures because the menu consisted of three pages: The Meal Options, A Romanian Lord’s Prayer & Norwegian Table Prayer and Order of Events held together by a brad at the top. Google Brad if you don't know him :)

Then, of course, the after-party invitation which was included along in the invitation set that was mailed to guests. I created a 'root beer' bottle with the couple's initials.

 Can we do it all over again!?

Happy Wednesday!!

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