The Turquoise Penguin

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Modern Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation

My amazingly, awesome, funny, wing-woman, fabulous friend Mrs. Beavers asked me if I could design a bridal shower invite for her best friend, Emily.

Mrs. Beavers gave me free reign to do whatever I felt like on the invitation. And since I knew that Emily was planning a modern vintage wedding in a rose garden...well, this is what popped into my head. So - to keep cost down - I put two invitations per page and just had them printed at Kinko's on one of their reasonable card stocks. Emily found ivory envelopes to seal the deal. 

What do you think?

Happy Hump Day, Friends!

Friday, January 14, 2011

a e i love u

My great friend, Chera asked me if I would design a black and white invitation set for her upcoming bridal show to promote her amazing catering company - CRAVE.

First, let me tell you about Chera. She's one heck of a lady. Her and I just mesh. She has one of those creative spirits that you just can't help but get inspired when you are around her. She's a great mother to two incredibly cool little girls (they take after their mom). Chera knows catering. Chera knows how to do over-the-top incredible, make you say, "i wish i could do that" events. She's one of those people that can turn something ordinary to extraordinary - and trust me - people think they can do that but not many actually can. I'm excited to watch Chera & Matt's (her husband) catering business grow. I honestly can't say enough good things about them. I'm lucky to have met them both.

This weekend I'm flying to Houston, so I won't be able to see how great the booth came out at the bridal show - but I can't wait to see pictures. I'm sure it will be nothing short of over-the-top, just like Chera. 

Now on to the black and white design set:

First, is the Save The Date. How about the a e i <3 u?
 Second is the menu - take a peek at the food. Yum! So inventive and unique.
 How about placing these on a candy table? cake table? hold them up in a photo booth?
 The invitation. I think the chevron speaks for itself.

 I cut both the "groom" & "bride" out and attached to cute black and white ribbon to hang off the back of the head table chairs.
 Classy black and white thank you cards. Easily re-usable after the wedding.
"table one" is a wine bottle label. We wrapped it around a solid black bottle and had an incredible sleek-ness.
a e i <3 u.

Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy!