The Turquoise Penguin

Monday, October 31, 2011

Be nice or go gnome!

Happy halloweenie from me and my coworkers! My team dressed up as garden gnomes, not to be mistaken for dwarfs. Which, we already have been.

Chillin' wit my gnomies!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Joining Society

So, last week I made a very important decision, AND let me tell you that this was MAJOR decison: I got the new iPhone4S. No more just only texting and calling - I can now browse the internet, buy Groupon's, play angry birds (or just watch my little cousin, Gabe, dominate), talk with Siri,check the Boilermakers scores, Pinterest, AND play words with friends on my phone! Me? Yes. I know - totally weird. I can't believe I just joined society. But, my real question is why in the heck did it take me so long to open up this incredible world??

Out of the gazillions of apps on the iPhone - my favorite has got to be Instagram. I now find myself thinking, "man, I gotta Instagram something." No kidding, I said it outloud to my coworker, Kelli, last week. It's an addiction. But, I admitted it - so it makes it not so bad, right?

I thought I'd attach some of my favorite Instagrams so far. I cannot wait to share more!

Smoked Turkey on Focaccia on my trip back home to The Farmer's Daughter. It's hard to believe that Princeton, Indiana actually has a hidden gem like this place!

Mister Logan turned 1!!

While standing in line to buy tickets to Paranormal Activity 3 Last night
- I snapped a picture of this gals boots. Leopard - of course! I can't really tell you much about the movie though, my eyes were shut 1/3 of the time! Whoops :)

My dear, dear friend, Clay and I right after watching Kristen & Ryan get hitched. He makes me laugh all . the . time.

I snapped this on my drive home. I adore Nashville.

This was literally right after I told Kelli, "Man, I gotta instagram something."

Logan's first birthday cupcakes!

SShhhhh. Don't wake my best friend Brooke's little baby, JP! I stole this shot just as the little hunk of a man was snoozin' on my lap. Can't wait to get back home to squeeze on him more!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Feet

So, yesterday I got pedi's with my great friend, Jess. We talked. We drank (free) wine.  {Wine is like beer; there are only three kinds - hot, cold and free. Naturally, free is the best. It's true, my dad told me - and he doesn't lie.} We talked some more. We read trashy magazines (and found out Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynold's got married...WTF?). And visited and caught up like old friends do. (Even though we're not really that old.)

Anyways - moral of the story (I promise it's coming) - Jess and I always get our toes "did" together. Really. It's weird - I don't really go and get pedicures with anyone else. I can't say I know why? That's just the way it happens, I guess. Well, that and we're really good at sitting and gossiping in those vibrating chairs. Even though I always get so mad at myself because I ALWAYS forget to turn mine on for like ten minutes - and get mad at myself because I feel like I've missed out on a really good back massage. Ha, even though we know that those things just 'cheeto-chop' at your back.

Okay, moral of the story: I got zebra painted toes; light pink with black zebra stripes (or tiger...whichever you want to call it) Wait for it....wait for it. And I got five compliments in the restroom today for my nicely painted toenails....from complete strangers!

Moral of the story: Women in bathroom stalls totally check out other women's feet. I have proof.

#1 -Excuse the 1/22/08 date on the photo - clearly we're not in '08 anymore. (duh, people in '08 didn't get zebra painted toenails - or I'm gonna tell myself that)
#2 - Excuse my sausage of toes stuffed in my shoes. I promise they didn't look that bad when I left this morning.

Happy Tuesday, friends. Go getcha some zebra toes! You won't regret it!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Head vs. Stomach?

So, I'll admit it - I'm a pinterest addict. Sometimes I feel like I've won the lottery when I find something so cute/delicious/amazing and I can barely get my hands to move quick enough to re-pin it! But, here's the kicker...I have all of these wonderful boards, i.e.:: DIY, Baking Adventures & Yum In My Tum....and I have YET to actually make anything off of the boards. So, here is my delima. Where do I even start!!? Which do I do first? Do I follow my stomach and bake this incredible pumpkin bread from NancyCreative??

Or do I decide to follow my head and realize that it's time to make a few DIY changes to my bedroom and do this incredible headboard with lights from diy ideas?? 

So - what do I do?

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