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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Throwback Wednesday // St. Louis Wedding

I was introduced to Jen from my soul-sister/BFF miss Carolyn.

Below is us at Carolyn's 30th Birthday Bash. A fun weekend of sun and fun on the Michiana shores!

Ahhhhhh that did it - now, I've officially started daydreaming about sipping Bud Light Limes & eating Corn Salsa from Al's. (My. Mouth. Is. Watering.) And if we're gonna talk about Al's - I'm gonna shout out to my personal favorite chai latte! I haven't found one comparable since, not even close!

Don't we look so fun? Yea, I thought so too!

Check out that sun-kissed, fresh from the beach look! (Jen is on the left, me in the middle, and Carolyn on the right) That's a whole lotta Abby sandwich happening right there.

Okay - back to real life and the point of this blog post.

Probably about 2 years later Jen asked me if I would create a wedding logo for her. Her and her now husband love to go to concerts. They are huge fans of new, old, alternative, oldies, classic rock, country, "Paper Planes" by MIA (should out to Brett) basically any type of music. So, Jen thought of the awesome idea: making the table numbers a memory of them at a concert and they wanted to include their wedding logo on the table number. Boom-shaka-laka.

Jen also had the logo made into a stamp that she stamped on the seating cards, out-of-town guest bags and any little cute thing she could get her hands on.

Okay - I'm done rambling. Check out some pictures!

All photos are courtesy of Jen's rockin' wedding photographer, Nikki Eads. Except for the awesome candid turn the camera around shot at the top - that's my handiwork! :)

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