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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Grandpa Barry is 80 going on 50!

Okay, so I have two things to celebrate. I can celebrate on a Thursday, right? #1 - that I'm taking the time to blog! And #2 - I checked and I've had 14,746 views as of today. Wow. Me? People have actually looked at this 14,746 times. I don't believe it. Now, I know that is probably an extremely small number compared to eh, let's say Google!? Holy cow - I bet they get 14,746 views every second. Maybe even more. Hey, but we all gotta start somewhere. :) 

I actually made this invitation back in July for my Grandpa Barry's surprise 80th birthday party that my granny had during our annual family vacation. I can honestly say that nobody else in this world deserved a surprise party more than my Grandpa Barry. He is one of the most brilliant, warm-hearted, fear-less, silent, loving, artistic man that I know. And, most importantly - he has the best thick head of white hair - it's manly gorgeous (if I can say that?). When I was younger and used to stay the weekend with Granny & Grandpa Barry, I used to love when I would get to hang out in the craft room with him. I can still smell the oil paints and see the almost finished canvas. He knew that I was a creative soul even before I did. He knew that I would much rather make giant tissue paper flowers than pretty much anything else. Grandpa Barry is one man that I'll happily sit six hours with painting pottery at 'Fired Up' - trust me, we've done it.

Happy 80th Birthday, Grandpa Barry. Cheers to many more winery tours with you! I love you.

See, I told you Grandpa Barry had a great head of hair! And check out my beautiful Granny!

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  1. I love these invites. Is there anyway I can get the pdf file for this or a list of fonts you used? Thanks